Essential Factors to Consider before Hiring a Housekeeper

If you do your research before hiring a housekeeper, it can be really relieving. Finding a trustworthy person is crucial, especially if they will be cleaning your home while you are at work or running errands and taking their time to complete the task correctly. 

Before hiring a housekeeper, seek recommendations and weigh the advantages and disadvantages of working with an independent business or a larger cleaning company.

Continue reading to find the factors you need to think about as you look around for the housekeeper that fits your home.

Look Up Independent Cleaners and Cleaning Companies

Many housekeepers run their own businesses as sole proprietors, but you might feel more at ease working with a bigger cleaning service that employs its own staff. Both have advantages and disadvantages. 

Hiring a cleaning service has the advantage that they will do staff screening to guarantee a clean background check. 

You should choose a sole proprietor if you want the same person cleaning your home every week because cleaning businesses have a greater rate of turnover and may send a different person each time.

Make sure the business or owner is registered, covered by insurance, and bonded wherever you go. Being insured will provide coverage if the housekeeper is injured while working while being bonded is crucial in case the housekeeper breaks or damages something in your home.

Get Referrals

The greatest place to begin your search for a fantastic housekeeper is to ask your family and friends whether they know of a business or individual that they recommend. Utilizing a cleaning service has many personnel who could suit your needs, which is one of its many benefits. 

Many companies let you test out many housekeepers until you find one who is ideal for your requirements.

Seek Candidates for Interview

Spend some time developing thoughtful questions, and make sure the interview is thorough. Inquire about the aspects of their work that they enjoy most. Why did they decide to work in housekeeping? 

Verify the references, employment history, and criminal record. Many services will complete these tasks in advance, but be thorough and examine the outcomes.

Consider Flat Rate versus Hourly Rate

When considering hiring a housekeeper, one choice you may have is whether to pay an hourly or a fixed rate. However, the housekeeper or company may have their own non-negotiable policies.

Many individuals are concerned that a housekeeper may prolong tasks if they are paid by the hour. However, paying a fixed rate can drive housekeepers to complete their work quickly. With the housekeeper you’ve picked, go over the options.

Establish Tasks

Standard housekeeping chores include sweeping, mopping, and cleaning the showers and toilets. Any additional duties, like doing the dishes or laundry, might need to be agreed upon in advance. 

You can occasionally ask to have more responsibilities added once or twice a year, such as cleaning the refrigerator or the ovens.

Certain responsibilities may be restricted by a housekeeper’s insurance. For instance, house cleaners are frequently prohibited from cleaning the exterior of windows. Any projects that require scaling tall ladders could be rejected.


A clear understanding of what your housekeeper will and won’t be doing in your home is necessary. Think about making a list of the tasks that will be completed together with any specific instructions you may have. 

It will be beneficial to discuss these issues before work begins. You might also wish to agree on a method for asking for and paying for extra cleaning tasks outside of the norm. Set some boundaries for what is permitted and what is not in your home.

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